Family Nephrolepidaceae / Oleandraceae
Fishtail fern
Nephrolepis biserrata (Sw.) Schott 'Furcans'


Other scientific names  Common names
Aspidium beserratum Sw. Fishtail fern (Engl.)
  Sword fern (Engl.)
  Forked sword fern (Engl.)

Stoloniferous fern with short erect rhizomes. Leaves are up to 90 cm long, leathery, arching, green to yellow green with the leaflets are forked at the end.

Widely cultivated in Philippine gardens.

Parts utilized
Leaves, roots.

Edible: Leaves are boiled and eaten as vegetable.
In New Guinea, roots are pounded to flour. source
No recorded folkloric use in the Philippines.
In Tahiti, used for blisters, boils, abscesses and sores. source
In Cameroon, decoction of fronds used for lower abdominal pains. source
In NW Guyana, leaves used for treatment of wounds and cuts. source

Garden cultivation.

Additional Sources

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