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Family Malvaceae
Sida javensis Cav.
Zhao wa huang hua ren

Scientific names Common names
Sida javensis Cav. Hapuang-niknik (Tag.)
Sida veronicaefolia var. javensis (Cav.) Baker f. Igat-igat (Tag.)
  Marmaraipus (Ik.)
  Padapadakpusa (Ilk.)
  Javanese fanpetals (Engl.)
Sida javensis Cav. is an accepted name The Plant List

Other vernacular names
CHINESE: Zhao wa huang hua ren.
FRENCH: Sida de Java.

Igat-igat is a trailing, herbaceous plant, with stems growing up to 60 centimeters in length. Plant is covered with scattered, stellate hairs or is nearly smooth. Leaves are orbicular-ovate, and 2 to 7 centimeters long, with pointed tip, prominently heart-shaped base, and margins that are coarsely toothed; and sometimes obscurely lobed. Peduncles are solitary, elongated, and borne at the axils of the leaves. Calyx is green, about 5 millimeters long, with triangular, pointed segments. Corolla is yellow, about 7 millimeters in diameter. Fruit is a capsule consisting of 5 carpels, each 2-awned at the apex, the awns being slender and nearly as long as the carpels.

- In dry thickets, along trails, etc., at low altitudes in La Union, Pangasinan, Bataan, Rizal, and Laguna Provinces and Manila, in Luzon.
- Also occurs in India to Malaya.

Parts used
Whole plant.


- Entire plant or leaf decoction used as specific for gonorrhea.

No studies found.


Godofredo U. Stuart Jr., M.D.

Last Update October 2015

IMAGE SOURCE: / Illustration / Sida cordata (Burm.f.) Borss.Waalk. [as Sida humilis Cav.] / PlantIllustrations.org
Additional Sources and Suggested Readings
Sida javensis Cav. (accepted name) / Chinese name / Catalogue of Life, China
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