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Family Zingibereaceae
Shorea negrosensis Foxw.

Scientific names Common names
Shorea negrosensis Doxw.. Lauan-pula (Tag.)
  Lawaang-pula (Mindoro)
  Red lauan (Engl.)
  Red lawaan (Engl.)

Plant pearls
- The Dipterocarpaceae is the only timber-producing taxon in the angiosperm, and it is the most important source of timber in Southeast Asia.
- Shorea is a genus of about 196 species of mainly rainforest trees in the family Dipterocarpaceae . The genus is named after Sor John Shore, the governr-general of the Bristish East India Company, 1793-1798.
- The timber of the trees of the genus shorea is sold under the common names lauan, luan, lawaan, maranti, saraya,, balau, bangkirai, and Philippine mahogany. ("Philippine mahogany" sold in North America is not a true mahogany, but a mixture of woods from the genus shorea.)
- Shorea species re native to Southeast Asia, from northern India to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

- In 2016, at the request of FEED's President Ophelia Bakker Mananquil. 200 seedlings of red lauan were planted as a living Legacy tribute to honor the late Senator Defensor-Santiagp's service to the nation at Siniloan, Laguna. (5)

Red lauan is a large tree attaining a height of about 50 meters and a diameter of about 200 cm, strongly buttressed, with a stright cylindrical bole. Bark is darkbrown to nearly black with a reddish tinge, ridged with shallow furrows that are more prominent on the upper part of the trunk. Inner bark is dull tan or reddish and stringy in testure.Leaves are alternate, smooth, dark green above, hairy along nerves beneath, and oblong in shape.

- Endemic to the Philippines.
- IUCN listed as "Critically Endangered."

- Study of dichlormethane extract of Shorea negrosensis isolated friedelin (1), 3ß-friedelinol (2), oleanolic aicd (3), ursolic acid (4), squalene (5), chlorophyll-a (6) from the leaves, while the twigs yielded 1, 3, and 4. (see study below) (4)
- Study of hexane extract yielded1-tetracosanol,1-hexacosanol,, a-taraxasterone, ß-sitosterol, ß-sitosteryl oleate, 24-methylenecycloartanol, 24-methylenecycloartanone, and 24-methylenecycloartanyl oleate. (4)

- Considered febrifugal.
- Study has suggested antitumor property.

Parts used
Wood, roots.


- In Agusan del Norte, Philippines, warm root decoction drunk to treat fever.
- Wood: Hard and heavy red wood. A valuable export as sawn timber. Often sold as Philippin mahogany.
- Construction: Used for general construction; for fencing, making furniture, cabinets, veneer adnd plywood, pulp and paper making, particle boards, sash and mill work.
Used for boat plaking and decking.
- Tannin: Bark is a source of tannin.
- Agroforestry: Used in watershed areas and for reforestation.

Phytochemicals / Antitumor:
Study of dichlormethane extract of leaves and twigs yielded six compounds. The wood extractives were reported to exhibit tumor-inhibiting properties. Except for ß-friedelinol (2), compounds 1, 3, and 6 were reported to have anticancer and antitumor properties. The author suggests the tumor inhibiting properties may be through the synergisyic effects of the phytoconstituents. (4)



May 2022

IMAGE SOURCE: / Photo / Dipterocarpaceae : Shorea negrosensis leaves / Rutaceae : Copyright © 2018 by P.B. Pelser & J.F. Barcelona (contact: pieter.pelser@canterbury.ac.nz) / click on image to go to source page / Phytoimages.siu.edu
OTHER IMAGE SOURCE: Photo: Wood Shorea Negrosensis / Copyright ph.all.biz / click on image to go to source page / All.Biz

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300 Indigenous Philippine Red Lauan Planted as Living Legacy Tribute to Late-Sen. Miriam Defensor- Santiago & Friends
/ FEED: Fostering Education & Environment for Development, Inc.


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