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Family Elaeagnaceae
Elaeagnus triflora var. triflora

Scientific names Common names
Elaeagnus alingaro Schltdl. Alingaro (Tag.)
Elaeagnus angustifolia Blanco  Alunut (Iv.)
Elaeagnus cumingii Schltdl. Bantap (Sul.)
Elaeagnus cumingii subsp. perrottetii Servett. Banaken (Bon.)
Elaeagnus cumingii subsp. philippensis (Perr.) Servett. Bennaken (Bon.)
Elaeagnus ferruginea Rich. Kopapei (Ig.)
Elaeagnus ferruginea subsp. sumatrana Servett. Kopapey (Ig.)
Elaeagnus ferruginea var. atrovirens Servett. Lagot (Buk.)
Elaeagnus ferruginea var. richardia Servett. Lingaro (Tag.)
Elaeagnus latifolia var. triflora (Roxb.) Schltdl. Malaimus (P. Bis.)
Elaeagnus perrottetii Schlecht . Padias (Ig.)
Elaeagnus philippensis Perr. Millaa millaa vine (Eng.)
Elaeagnus rigida Blume Milla milla vine (Engl.)
Elaeagnus rostrata Servett. Wild olive (Engl.)
Elaeagnus triflora subsp. obsoleta Servett.  
Elaeagnus triflora subsp. polymorpha Servett.  
Elaeagnus triflora subsp. rigida Servett.  
Elaeagnus triflora subsp. tetragonnia Servett.  
Elaeagnus triflora var. brevipes Servett.  
Elaeagnus triflora var. longipes Servett.  
Elaeagnus zollingeri Servett.  
Elaeagnus triflora var. triflora is an accepted name. KEW: plants of the World Online
Plants of the World Online lists Elaeagnus triflora Roxb. as an accepted species and list one homotypic synonym: Elaeagnus latifolia var. triflora (Roxb.) Schltdl. and 2 accepted infraspecifics: E. triflora var. brevilimbatus E.'t Hart and Elaeagnus triflora var. triflora.

Other vernacular names
CHINESE: Guo ma na.
FRENCH: Goumi du japon.
INDONESIA: Areuj dudureman, Hail-hail, Kelin, Kelintju.
SPANISH: Alingaro.
THAI: Salot thao, Malot, Somlot.

Gen info
- Elaeagnus (silverberry or oleaster) is a genus of about 50-70 flowering plants in the Elaeagnaceae family. The vast majority of the species are native to temperate and subtropical regions of Asia, with one species (E. triflora) extending south in northeastern Australia, another (E. commutata) restricted to North America, and a third (E. angustifolia) may be native to southeastern Europe. (4)
- Milaa milaa is taken from the Aboriginal language of the Atherton Tablelands.

Lingaro is a straggling or climbing shrub with long branches which are covered with minute, brown scales. Leaves are entire, subelliptic to ovately oblong, 4 to 9 centimeters long, 2 to 4 centimeters wide, pointed at both ends or blunt at the base, shining and dark green above, and coppery or silvery metallic underside. Flowers are yellow and fragrant, occurring singly in the axils of the leaves. Fruit is oval, about 1.5 to 3 centimeters long, pale red or pinkish, with a single large seed, sweet and juicy when ripe.

- Native to the Philippines.
- In thickets and forests at low and medium altitudes, ascending to 1,500 meters throughout the Philippines.
- Sometimes cultivated as an ornamental or hedge plant, or for its edible fruit.

- Also native to Bismark Archipelago, Borneo, Jawa, Lesser Sunda Is., Malaya, Maluku, New Guinea, Queensland, Solomon Is., Sulawesis, Sumatera, Taiwan. (5)

- Flowers are astringent and cardiac.
- Flowers are highly scented.
- Reported to have four times as much lycopene as any other plant in the world.

Parts used
Flowers, fruit.


Edibility / Culinary
- Fruit can be eaten raw. Also, makes a fine jam, jelly, and preserve.
- Fruit has a sweet tomato taste.
- Seeds edible, raw or cooked, with a peanut flavor.
- In Australia, the fruit is considered "bush tucker."
- Ripe fruit given to children suffering with amoebic dysentery.
- In Benguet, fruits used for treating cough. (2)
- Flowers are astringent and cardiac.

- Ritual:
In Benguet, Cordillera region, an offertory wild fruit.

No studies reported.


Updated January 2023 /June 2018 / August 2016

IMAGE SOURCE: Photograph: Elaeagnus triflora / © Photographs and text: Arthur Chapman / CC BY-NC-SA / Non-commercial use / click on image to go to source page / iNaturalistGT
OTHER IMAGE SOURCE: Photographs(2): Elaeagnus triflora--Milla milla vine fruit / © Flowering Now in Noosa / cnon-commercial use / click on image to go to source page / Flowering Now in Noosa

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