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Family Araliaceae
Schefflera caudata (Vidal) Merr. & Rolfe

Scientific names Common names
Heptapleurum caudatum Vidal Gauai-gauai (Tag.)
Schefflera caudata (Vidal) Merr. & Rolfe Himainat (Tag.)
Schefflera pentaphylla Elmer [Invalid] Limolimo (Tag.)
  Sinat (Tag.)
Quisumbing's compilation lists Schefflera piperoidea Elm. and Scheffler trifoliata Merr. & Rolfe as separate species. Some compilations list them as synonyms.
Schefflera trifoliata Merr. & rolfe is not included n the The Plant List's long list of Schefflera species.
Heptapleurum caudatum is a synonym of Schefflera caudata. The Plant List
Some compilations list Hepatapleurum trifoliatum Merr. & Rolfe as a synonym of Heptapleurum caudatum. Jstor
Schefflera caudata (Vidal) Merr. & Rolfe is an accepted The Plant List

Gen info
Schefflera are shrubs or trees, sometimes climbers or epiphytes, usually with palmately compound leaves. Several recent phylogenetic studies have shown Schefflera is clearly polyphyletic, and that the Asian species belong to a single, well supported, morphologically coherent clade, which might have to be transferred to some other genera. (1)

There are nearly 1100 species widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics of both hemispheres; about 5 or 6 species endemic in the Philippines.

Sinat is a smooth woody vine. Leaves are trifoliate, with petioles 3 to 8 centimeters long. Leaflets are oblong to oblong-ovate, the tip being pointed. Inflorescences are terminal, with few branches, and 20 to 25 centimeters long. Flowers are numerous, with stalks 4 to 5 millimeters long. Fruit is oblong, 6 millimeters long and 3 millimeters wide, with five angles.

- Only in primary forests at low and medium altitudes in the Laguna and Quezon provinces in Luzon, and in Polillo.

- Yields a resin used in the making of varnishes.

Parts used


- In Laguna, crushed leaves, with our without oil, applied externally for tympanites of children.
- Internally the leaves given with wine to women as tonic after childbirth; also for irregular menstruation.

- Resin: Yields a resin used in making of varnishes. (3)

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Last Update June 2016

Additional Sources and Suggested Readings
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Heptapleurum caudatum / Online Library → 1899-1900 United States. Philppine commission → Report of the Philippine commission to the President, January 31, 1900-[December 20, 1900] (Volume 3)
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