The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tagalog and English
Brunfelsia (Lady of the night) 3/17 Sili (Capsicum varieties) 3/18 Siling labuyo (Cayenne pepper) 3/18 Dama de noche (Night jessamine) 3/19
Trompeta (Angel's trumpet) 3/19 Talong punay (Thorn apple) 3/19 Kamatis (Tomato) 3/20 Tabako (Tobacco) 3/21
Lobo-lobohan (Golden berry) 3/21 Putokan (Wild gooseberry) 3/22 Pantug-pantugan (Sunberry) 3/22 Talong-talongan (Bitter apple) 3/24
Talong (Eggplant) 3/25 Tarambulo (Wild eggplant) 3/25 Talong pipit (Bush tomato) 3/25 Utong (Mickey mouse plant) 3/25
Lubi-lubi (Wonder berry) 3/26 Talong-siam 3/26 Tandang-aso (Devil's fig) 3/27 Patatas (Potato) 3/28
Malatalong (Earleaf nightshade) 3/31 Ulasimang-aso (Brain plant) 4/01 Bunga de Jolo (Manila palm) 4/02 Sagai-uak (Curanja) 4/04
Añgañgi (Rice paddy herb) 4/05 Tara-tara (Indian marshweed) 4/05 Kakaw (Chocolate tree) 4/07 Tala 4/08
Brittle false pimpernel 4/08 Mala-anis (Sweet broom weed) 4/09 Krus-krusan (Gourd tree) 4/10 Cujete (Calabash tree) 4/10
Tiwi (Mangrove trumpet tree) 4/11 Yellow bell 4/12 Liñga (Sesame) 4/12 Dapong-tubo (Ghost flower) 4/13
Diluario (Holly leaved acanthus) 4/13 Asistasia (Chinese violet) 4/14 Kolintang violeta (Philippine violet) 4/14 Kolinta (Porcupine flower) 4/14
Sapin-sapin (Green shrimp plant) 4/14 Kalpueng (Caricature plant) 4/14 Dahon-pula (Red flame ivy) 4/15 Luya (Gingerr) 4/20
Tuhod-manok (Gandarusa) 4/20 Water willow 4/21    
Pasyonaryo (Yellow passion fruit) 10/30 Tribulus (Puncture vine) 10/30 Portulaca (Vietnam rose) 12/7 Water hyacinth 12/8
Hagonoy (Christmas bush) 1/10 Karipata (Curry leaf tree) 1/24
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