The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tagalog and English
Herb / Drug Interactions
Moras (Vetiver) 6/15 Kamatsile (Sweet tamarind) 6/15 Marijuana 6/17 Kalay 6/17
Sahing (Manila elemi) 6/18 Araro (Arrowroot) 6/19 African daisy 6/19 Guma-guma (Ceylon slitwort) 6/20
Pansi-pansi (Common leucas) 6/20 Bignay (Wild cherry) 6/20 Luya-luyahan (White tumeric) 6/20 Lansones (Langsat) 6/20
Alim 6/20 Bagnang-pula 6/21 Bamban (Common donax) 6/22 Arnica 6/23
Balili (Hippo grass) 6/23 Anthurium (Flamingo flower) 6/25 Buddha belly plant (Nettlespurge ) 6/25 Nito-nitoan (Climbing maidenhair) 6/26
Luya (Ginger) 6/27 Timbangan (Dutchman's pipe) 6/27 Malasambung (Butterfly bush) 6/28 Guijo (Red balan) 6/28
Patola (Sponge gourd) 6/29 Sampalok (Tamarind) 6/29 Sabungai (Longevity spinach) 7/1 Koron-koron (Chinese lantern tree) 7/2
Mabolo (Velvet apple) 7/3 Aligbangon (Climbing flower cup) 7/4 Arrow leaf 7/4 Bogambilya (Great bougainvillea) 7/6
Banaba (Queen of flowers) 7/7 Achuete (Lipstick plant) 7/7 Alibangbang (Pink butterfly tree) 7/8 Malunggay (Miracle tree) 7/09
Korokorosan (Swollen fingergrass) 7/9 Pugo-ougo (Kyllinga weed) 7/9 Piyagaw (Puzzlenut tree) 7/10 Ampalaya (Bitter melon) 7/10
Upo (Bottle gourd) 7/11 Raphis (Lady palm) 7/12 Santan (Jungle flame) 7/14 Talungud (Asiatic beechberry) 7/16
Andadasi (Brush senna) 7/17 A las diyes (Ten o'clock flower) 7/17 Banghai (Ant plant) 7/18 Lirio (Milk-and-wine lily) 7/18
Tsitsirika (Pink periwinkle) 7/19 Trompeta (Angel's trumpet) 7/19    
Baby's breath (Gyp) 1/3/2017 Himbabao 1/17    
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