The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tagalog and English
List of Understudied Philippine Medicinal Plants
Abuse and Plagiarism of the Compilation on Philippine Medicinal Plants Under the Guise of Fair Use
List of Plants with Known Toxicity
Herb-Drug Interactions
Alipung (Parrot's beak) 1/7 Bain (Sundew) 1/8 Bakong (Spider lily) 1/8 Arbor vitae (Tree of life) 1/8
Foxtail palm (Wodyetia palm) 1/9 Aurorang gubat (Wild yam root) 1/9 Alikbangon (Climbing dayflower) 1/10 Pinya (Pineapple) 1/10
Liñga (Sesame) 1/12 Kulutkulutan (Chinese burr) 1/14 Agoho (Iron wood) 1/19 Bandera espanola (Wild canna lily) 1/20
Tikas (Canna lily) 1/20 Malagoso (Carpet weed) 1/21 Alpasotis (Wormseed) 1/22 Saging (Banana) 1/22
Buringit (Pink lime berry) 1/24 Maluko (Lettuce tree) 1/25 Sumbak (Scouring rush) 1/26 Pandan-mabango (Fragrant screw pine) 1/27
Tula-tula (Blue blade) 1/27 Baino (Sacred lotus) 1/29 Cannon ball tree 2/4 Verbena (Common verbain) 2/6
Diluario (Sea holly) 2/ 7 Pakong-alagdan (Fish fern) 2/9 Balatong (Mung bean) 2/13 Espada (Spear plant) 2/13
Balaniog (Java brucea) 2/15 Babara (False mallow) 2/15 Lansones (Longkong tree) 2/16 Sansau (Velvet leaf) 2/17
Adlabong (Wild tobacco) 2/17 Balili (Hippo grass) 2/18 Salumget 2/19 Ribbon fern (Ophi snake) 2/19
Alagau-gubat (Headache tree) 2/22 Kahoi-dalaga (Queen Sirikit) 2/25 Almaciga (Philippine agathis) 2/26 Bagnang-pula 2/27
Red powder puff- (Blood red tassel flower) 2/27      
Talilong (Philippine spinach) 3/8 Abuhin (Black wattle) 3/29 Alcaparras (Caper) 4/2 Kale 4/20
Chestnust tree (Money tree) 8/15 Pong-pong (Suicide tree) 9/3 Danupra (Red cedar) 9/24 Labayo (Hierba del soldado) cedar) 11/
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